Key importance of small RNA binding for the activity of a glycine-tryptophan (GW) motif-containing viral suppressor of RNA silencing
Protein kinase GCN2 mediates responses to glyphosate in Arabidopsis
Software-assisted stacking of gene modules using GoldenBraid 2.0 DNA-assembly framework
Metabolomic profiling of plant tissues
BBX21 integrates brassinosteroid biosynthesis and signalling in the inhibition of hypocotyl growth under shade.
A viral protein targets mitochondria and chloroplasts by subverting general import pathways and specific receptors.
Transgene-free, virus-based gene silencing in plants by artificial microRNAs derived from minimal precursors.
Identification of Solanum pimpinellifolium genome regions for increased resilience to nitrogen deficiency in cultivated tomato
Biostimulant activity of Galaxaura rugosa seaweed extracts against water deficit stress in tomato seedlings involves activation of ABA signaling