Involvement of the tomato BBX16 and BBX17 microProteins in reproductive development.
Modulation of abscisic acid signaling via endosomal TOL proteins.
Designer transcription activator-like effectors enable discovery of cell death-inducer genes.
Engineering good viruses to improve crop performance.
Transcription factors HB21/40/53 trigger inflorescence arrest through abscisic acid accumulation at the end of flowering.
An Escherichia coli-Based Phosphorylation System for Efficient Screening of Kinase Substrates.
Analysis of pea mutants reveals the conserved role of FRUITFULL controlling the end of flowering and its potential to boost yield.
Pro197Ser and the new Trp574Leu mutations together with enhanced metabolism contribute to cross-resistance to ALS inhibiting herbicides in Sinapis alba
RNA Interference in Insects: From a Natural Mechanism of Gene Expression Regulation to a Biotechnological Crop Protection Promise.
Ratiometric gibberellin biosensors for the analysis of signaling dynamics and metabolism in plant protoplasts.
Mind The Gap: Epigenetic Regulation Of Chromatin Accessibility In Plants.
Polyamines: Their Role in Plant Development and Stress