Diversity and genetic architecture of agro-morphological traits in a Core Collection of European traditional tomato.
Plant YTHDF proteins are direct effectors of antiviral immunity against an N6-methyladenosine-containing RNA virus.
Abscisic acid mimic-fluorine derivative 4 alleviates water deficit stress by regulating ABA-responsive genes, proline accumulation, CO2 assimilation, water use efficiency and better nutrient uptake in tomato plants.
Enhanced meristem development, tolerance to oxidative stress and hyposensitivity to nitric oxide in the hypermorphic vq10-H mutant in AtVQ10 gene.
ABI5-FLZ13 module transcriptionally represses growth-related genes to delay seed germination in response to ABA.
Overlapping and specialized roles of tomato phytoene synthases in carotenoid and abscisic acid production.
Identification of Solanum pimpinellifolium genome regions for increased resilience to nitrogen deficiency in cultivated tomato
The Biostimulant, Potassium Humate Ameliorates Abiotic Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana by Increasing Starch Availability.
Integrative time-scale and multi-omics analysis of host responses to viroid infection.
DELLA proteins positively regulate seed size in Arabidopsis
Tomato geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase isoform 1 is involved in the stress-triggered production of diterpenes in leaves and strigolactones in roots
Production of Saffron Apocarotenoids in Nicotiana benthamiana Plants Genome-Edited to Accumulate Zeaxanthin Precursor.