Cryo-EM structure and rRNA modification sites of a plant ribosome.
Structure-Based Modulation of the Ligand Sensitivity of a Tomato Dimeric Abscisic Acid Receptor Through a Glu to Asp Mutation in the Latch Loop
A genetic framework for proximal secondary vein branching in the Arabidopsis thaliana embryo.
AlkB RNA demethylase homologues and N6 -methyladenosine are involved in Potyvirus infection.
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Comparative analysis of wild-type accessions reveals novel determinants of Arabidopsis seed longevity.
Tools and targets: The dual role of plant viruses in CRISPR-Cas genome editing.
Editorial: Systemic RNA Signalling in Plants.
Comprehensive identification of SWI/SNF complex subunits underpins deep eukaryotic ancestry and reveals new plant components.
Development and Carotenoid Synthesis in Dark-Grown Carrot Taproots Require PHYTOCHROME RAPIDLY REGULATED1
Production of Potyvirus-Derived Nanoparticles Decorated with a Nanobody in Biofactory Plants
Genetic Control of Reproductive Traits under Different Temperature Regimes in Inbred Line Populations Derived from Crosses between S. pimpinellifolium and S. lycopersicum Accessions.