Ibmcp Seminar Cycle 2019-2020


11/10/2019 Viviana Echenique (CERZOS-CONICET, Argentina). A genomics approach to study apomixis using Eragrostis curvula as a grass model species. 12:30h

21/10/2019 Jonathan Wendel (Iowa State University, USA). The Wondrous Cycles of Polyploidy in Plants. 12:30h

13/11/2019 Teun Munnik (University of Amsterdam). Phospholipid Signalling in Plant Stress & Development. Salón de Actos del CUBO ROJO. 12:30h

22/11/2019 Dolf Weijers (U. Wageningen). Cell polarity across multicellular kingdoms. 12:30h

29/11/2019 Rosa M. Rivero (CEBAS-CSIC, Murcia). Specificity of the plant response to abiotic stress combinations: a new multi-level challenge. 12:30h

19 and 20/12/2019 IBMCP’s Scientific Workshop

17/01/2020 Elena Baena (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Portugal). Regulation of plant growth by SnRK1 kinases. ​12:30h

31/01/2020 Ester Marco (IVIA, Valencia). Xylella fastidiosa: ¿Amenaza global de una bacteria fitopatógena?. 12:30h

14/02/2020 María Lois (CRAG, Barcelona). Understanding SUMO conjugation in vivo: a molecular evolution history. 12:30h

21/02/2020 Yuri Gleba (Nomad Bioscience GmbH. Halle, Germany). Plant Biotechnologies Based On Transient Expression. 12:30h

13/03/2020 Paloma Más (CRAG, Barcelona). 12:30h

27/03/2020 Josep Casacuberta (CRAG, Barcelona). 12:30h

17/04/2020 Malcolm Bennet (University of Nottingham, UK).

24/04/2020 Sanwen Huang​ (Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences). Agriculture for Global Food & Health. 10:00h

24/04/2020 Erika Isono (Universität Konstanz, Germany). 12:30h

27/04/2020 Marco Burger (Salk Institute for Biological Studies. La Jolla, USA). The structural basis of strigolactone perception in plants​. 12:30h

11/05/2020 Crisanto Gutiérrez (Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa, Madrid). 12:30h

12/06/2020 Olivier Loudet. (Departamento de Genética y Mejora Vegetal. INRA, Versalles, France). 12:30h

24/06/2020 Pilar Cubas (CNB-CSIC, Madrid). 12:30h

03/07/2020 Xoaquin Moreira (Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Herbivore Interactions. Misión Biologica de Galicia, CSIC, Pontevedra). 12:30h


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