Teléfono: +34 96 387 86 34
Extensión: 78634
Investigadora Post-doctoral
ResearcherID: T-1306-2019
Localización: Lab. 1.02


Dr Paloma Sánchez-Torres is Senior Researcher and actually is part of Dr Pascual-Ahuir´s Lab in Yeast nanobodies production against pathogenic bateria. She did her PhD on Biotechnology of yeasts and filamentous fungi of interest in the food industry in the group of  Dr Daniel Ramón at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC). As a Marie-Curie post-doc she joined Dr Visser´s lab in Wageningen (NL) to study protein production and biochemical charaterization in GRAS filamentous fungi. She returned to IATA-CSIC Valencia with a reinstatement contract to study postharvest phytopathogenic fungi at Dr González-Candelas Lab. In 2002 she joined the IVIA through two INIA-CCAA contracts. In 2016 she joined Dr Pico´s Lab and started in Synthetic Biology in order to improve bioprocesses through design, optimization, monitoring and control. In 2018 she came back to IATA-CSIC to work in -Synthetic biology applied to the development of new fungal platforms as biofactories for the production of biomolecules of agri-food interest. In addition, in the Production of new enzymes, enzyme conjugates and bioactive compounds for food applications through synthetic biology.

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