de la Peña del Rivero

Teléfono: +34 963 877 915
Investigador en Plantilla
Científico Titular CSIC
ResearcherID: D-5001-2009


I am currently Tenured Research Scientist at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). My research interests are focused on the capabilities of the RNAs as both genomic (RNA virus/viroid genomes and retroelements) and catalytic molecules (Ribozymes). My group has previously unveiled that small ribozymes are conserved from bacteria to human genomes, changing the vision about the catalytic capabilities of most transcriptomes. Following bioinformatics and wet lab approaches, we have dissected the biological roles of some of these ribozymes in new forms of DNA retrotransposition through small circRNAs. More recently, we have characterized novel ribozymes in Delta-like viruses of animals, results that in combination with the Serratus platform have allowed us to discover thousands of novel infectious agents of circRNA with ribozymes as part of a new virus realm called Ribozyviria.

Publicaciones destacadas

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