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I am BSc in Biology by the Universidad de Valencia (Spain, 2004) and PhD in Biotechnology by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain, 2011). During my PhD, in the lab of Dr. José León (IBMCP, Spain), I studied the connections between nitric oxide (NO) and the phytohormones abscisic acid (ABA) and gibberelllins (GAs) and their involvement in plant development and stress tolerance. After my PhD, I joined the lab of Prof. Sean Cutler (University of California, Riverside, US), to gain experience in chemical genetics and ABA signaling. During my postdoc I became interested in the regulation of ABA receptors in crop plant species (maize, soybean, setaria and switchgrass) and I developed high-throughput chemical screening assays to identify novel ABA-receptor agonists in economically relevant plant species. Additionally, I set up genome editing protocols to generate mutants in dicots and monocots. Since I returned to Spain, to the lab of Prof. Pedro L. Rodíguez (IBMCP, Spain), in 2016 I have obtained funding to support my independent research line. First, with a Juan de la Cierva Incorporación (2016) and next with a Marie Curie Re-Integration grant (2017-2019). My goal is to generate biochemical, genetic and structural data on crop ABA receptors and exploit it to identify synthetic ligands able to activate drought resistance in the field. We have discovered some promising molecules able to activate ABA signaling in crops. I am collaborating with organic chemists and structural biologists to improve the potency of these compounds using structure-guided drug design. Alternatively we are also exploring the chemical space through a chemoinformatic approach using in silico pharmacophore screening and docking refinement to identify novel chemical scaffolds to control ABA signaling on demand.


6. Structure-guided drug design and identification of new drug targets to improve drought tolerance in crops. RYC2020-029097-I.  01/01/2022 – 31/12/26. IP: Jorge Lozano-Juste. Entidades participantes: IBMCP-UPV-CSIC (España). Fuente de financiación: Ayudas Ramon y Cajal. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.

5. Mejora de la tolerancia a la sequía de plantas de cosecha usando nuevas moléculas químicas. GV/2020/159. 01/01/2020-31/12/2021. IP: Jorge Lozano-Juste. Entidades participantes: IBMCP-CSIC-UPV (España). Fuente de financiación:  Proyectos de I+D+i desarrollados por Grupos de Investigación Emergentes. Generalitat Valenciana.

4. Improvement of rice varieties, using CRISPR/Cas9, to obtain drought and salt tolerant plants. FONDOCYT2018 2C1-182 01/01/2020-31/12/2022. IP: Sttefany Rosario Co-IP: Jorge Lozano-Juste, Concha Domingo y Luis Matos. Entidades participantes: Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (República Dominicana), IBMCP-CSIC-UPV (España), IVIA (España). Fuente de financiación: FONDOCYT 2019.

3. Desarrollo de agroquímicos para mejorar la resistencia a la sequía de plantas de cosecha. SP20180340 (PAID-06-18). 01/01/2019 – 31-12-2020. IP: Jorge Lozano-Juste. Entidades participantes: IBMCP-CSIC-UPV. Fuente de financiación: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

2. DroughtDrugs: a drug discovery approach to improve drought resistance in crop plants. RTC-2017-6019-2. 05/12/2018 – 31/12/2021. IP: GalChimia S.A. Entidades participantes: GalChimia S.A., CiQUS-USC, CiMUS-USC, IQFR-CSIC, IBMCP-CSIC-UPV. Fuente de financiación: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Fondos FEDER. Coordinador técnico: Jorge Lozano-Juste

1. DrugCrops: Drug discovery to improve drought tolerance in crops. H2020-MSCA-707477. 01/05/2017-30/05/2019. IP: Jorge Lozano-Juste. Entidades participantes: CiQUS-USC, IQFR-CSIC, IBMCP-CSIC-UPV. Fuente de financiación: European Union H2020-Marie Curie.

Publicaciones destacadas

¤ Corresponding author.

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