González Cisneros

Investigadora Pre-doctoral


Featured Posts

  • 2022

Cisneros, A.E., de la Torre-Montaña, A. and Carbonell, A. (2022), Systemic silencing of an endogenous plant gene by two classes of mobile 21-nucleotide artificial small RNAs. The Plant Journal. 

  • 2021

Adriana E. Cisneros, Ainhoa De la Torre-Montaña, Tamara Martín-García, Alberto Carbonell* (2021). Artificial small RNAs for functional genomics in plants. In: RNA-Based Technologies for Functional Genomics in Plants (Eds. Guiliang Tang, Sachin Teotia, Xiaoqing Tang, Deepali Singh). Concepts and Strategies in Plant Sciences 16076: 1-29. Springer Nature. eBook ISBN: 978-3-030-64994-4

  • 2020

Adriana E. Cisneros and Alberto Carbonell* (2020). Art-sRNAi for enhanced antiviral resistanceEncyclopedia (ISSN 2309-3366). 

Adriana E. Cisneros and Alberto Carbonell* (2020). Artificial small RNA-based silencing tools for antiviral resistance in plantsPlants 9 (6): 669.