The IBMCP’s diverse research programme, with more than 25 research groups exploring the secrets of plants, ranges from DNA sequencing and analysis of development and hormone action in plants, to the interaction between plants and the environment.

Research Groups

Interdisciplinary research

The IBMCP research groups cover a wide range of research areas with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, with the firm purpose of making Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology a key instrument in the improvement of agriculture, environment, human health and well-being.


We are the breeding ground for a group of cutting-edge researchers and technical staff who work to discover how plants can help us create a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable future.

Pablo Vera
Director of Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMCP)

“In the field of agriculture, applications of plant biotechnology allow us to develop more productive and resilient plants using fewer resources and obtaining more nutritious, safer and higher quality crops, which help us to preserve our environment for future generations.”


An Escherichia coli-Based Phosphorylation System for Efficient Screening of Kinase Substrates.
Analysis of pea mutants reveals the conserved role of FRUITFULL controlling the end of flowering and its potential to boost yield.
Pro197Ser and the new Trp574Leu mutations together with enhanced metabolism contribute to cross-resistance to ALS inhibiting herbicides in Sinapis alba

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