Plant hormone quantification



The Plant Hormone Quantification Service quantifies hormones using UHPLC-mass spectrometry equipment (Q-Exactive, ThermoFisher Scientific) installed at the IBMCP, capable of quantifying plant hormones in samples of only 50 mg of fresh matter and concentrations below 0.1 ng/g. To date, this service has carried out analyzes of gibberellins (GAs), auxins (IAA), jasmonic acid (JA), salicylic acid (SA), abscisic acid (ABA) and cytokinins (CKs) for a large number of research groups. of the Spanish scientific community and has established collaborations with groups from other countries.

Hormones analyzed in the service:

  • Acid hormones (ionization in negative mode):
    • Active gibberellins: GA1 and GA4.
    • Other acid hormones. Includes indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), abscisic acid (ABA), jasmonic acid (JA), and salicylic acid (SA).
    • Other gibberellins (including precursors and inactive GAs) up to a total of 14 GAs from the GA1 (GA1, GA20, GA19, GA44, GA53, GA29 and GA8) and GA4 (GA4, GA9, GA24, GA15) biosynthetic pathways , GA12, GA51 and GA34).
  • Basic hormones (positive mode ionization):
    • Cytokinins (CKs). Includes: dihydrozeatin (DHZ), isopentenyladenine (iP), and t-zeatin (tZ).

Conditions of Service:

To request hormone tests, the petitioner must request a quote from the IBMCP Hormone Quantification Service by email ( specifying the type of material, number of samples and hormones to be analysed. inform you of the next steps to follow. Our team only performs hormone quantification, as a service, for Spanish public institutions. In the case of institutions outside this area, we only consider analyzing hormones within the framework of a scientific collaboration.

IBMCP applicants must contact the 2.06 laboratory and fill in the Application Sheet and the Bulletin of Material to Analyze, that They must be presented together with the samples.

Rules, applications, fees


The Hormone Quantification Service equipment is made up of two parts, both located in the IBMCP.

  • A. Instrumentation for the extraction and purification of hormones:
    • a Mixer-Miller 400,
    • an SPE Filtration Equipment
    • and a Rotovapor.
  • B. Instrumentation for hormone analysis:
    • Q-Exactive mass spectrometer coupled to a UHPLC (Ultra HighPerformance Liquid Chromatography) liquid chromatograph
      • The Q-Exactive, installed in the IBMCP Chromatography Laboratory, is a mass spectrometer with an Orbitrap analyzer with high resolution and mass accuracy. Ion generation occurs in the liquid phase from the UHPLC by electrospray ionization (ESI) at atmospheric pressure (API). The minimum quantifiable hormone concentration with the Q-Exactive is about 0.01 pg/μL of injected solution, which is 10 μL
    • An autosampler AS (autosampler).
    • An N2 generator.


Esther Carrera Bergua

Service Manager

Teresa Sabater Gimeno

Service Technician

The start-up of this service was carried out by Jose Luis García Martínez, Research Professor at the IBMCP, currently retired.