Ibmcp’s Seminar Cycle 2018-19

We present the seminars planned for the 2018-19 academic year. The calendar is not yet closed and the expected dates and times may suffer some variation. Extraordinary seminars that are not included in this calendar may also be scheduled. The possible changes that may occur will be informed promptly.

Venue: Yellow Cube Assembly Hall (CPI), 12: 30h

08/11/2018 Juliana Freitas-Astúa. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA, Brasilia). Brevipalpus-transmitted viruses: diversity and interactions with host plants and mite vectors

09/11/2018 Dominique Van Der Straeten (U. Gent, Belgium). Towards a solution for hidden hunger: folate biofortification of crop plants

16/11/2018 Concha Domingo (IVIA, Valencia). Where do our rice varieties come from?​

23/11/2018 Kirsten Bomblies (John Innes, UK). Adaptive evolution of meiosis – chromosome segregation and recombination rate variation in the face of polyploidy and climate variation

30/11/2018 Rafael Sanjuan (I2SysBio, Valencia). Collective Dispersal of Viruses

20/12/2018 IBMCP’s Scientific Workshop

21/12/2018 IBMCP’s Scientific Workshop

11/01/2019 Selena Giménez Ibáñez (CNB, Madrid). The comming age of evoMPMI: Origin and Evolution of the Plant Immune System

18/01/2019 Javier Cejudo (IBVF, Sevilla). Integrating redox and antioxidant mechanisms in plant adaptation to changing light intensity​

28/01/2019 Rodrigo Gutiérrez (iBio, Chile). Regulatory Networks in Plants: From molecules to the ecosystem

01/02/2019 Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción (CRAG, Barcelona). Journey to El Dorado: understanding plastidial protein quality control to create carotenoid-enriched (golden) plant products

05/02/2019 Javier Polatnik (IBMC, Rosario, Argentina). Control of plant growth by the microRNA miR396 regulatory network

08/02/2019 Alexey Amunts (Stockholm University, Suecia). How cryo-EM revolutionises our understanding of protein synthesis and cellular bioenergetics

15/02/2019 Christian Hardtke (U. Laussane, Suiza). The root phloem nexus of the plexus​

22/02/2019 Angelos Kanellis (Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, Greece). Exploring Greek Plant Biodiversity for: Medicinal Plants Rich in Terpenes and Tomatoes Rich in Arginine.

01/03/2019 Manuel Porcar (I2SysBio, Valencia). A last chance for standardisation in biology​

05/03/2019 Marc Van Montagu (VIB-Ghent University, Belgium). Science, ideology and daily life

22/03/2019 Carlos Briones (Centro de Astrobiología, CSIC-INTA, Madrid). El origen de la vida: lo que sabemos y lo que nos gustaría saber

29/03/2019 Yvon Jaillais (ENS, Lyon). Anionic Phospholipids and the Regulation of Plasma Membrane Auxin Signaling and Plant Development

05/04/2019 Iñaki Hormaza (Inst. de Hortofruticultura Subtropical y Mediterránea “La Mayora”, Málaga). Genomics in underutilized fruit crops. A case study in cherimoya

12/04/2019 Anne-Aliénor Véry (BPMP, UMR CNRS/INRA/SupAgro/U. Montpellier, France). Molecular and functional analysis of K+ transport in rice: HAK transporters and Shaker channels

03/05/2019 Martin Crespi (Institute of Plant Sciences Paris Saclay, France). Long non-coding RNAs in root environmental plasticity.

10/05/2019 Jaime Huerta-Cepas (CBGP,Madrid). Functional metagenomics of environmental samples: the role of microbial dark matter

24/05/2019 Javier Paz-Ares (CNB, Madrid). The Phosphate starvation rescue system in Arabidopsis. Physiology, regulatory affairs and natural variation issues

31/05/2019 Paul Christou (U. Lleida). Targeted interventions to modulate and extend terpenoid metabolism in the cereal endosperm

07/06/2019 Marcos Egea (Instituto de Biotecnología, UP Cartagena). Molecular genetics and environmental aspects of late flower development: looking and smelling different

14/06/2019 Christophe Maurel (BPMP, Montpellier). Aquaporins and plant hydraulics as targets and players of environmental and hormonal signaling​

28/06/2019 Diego Intrigliolo (CEBAS, Murcia). How to improve crop water use efficiency? Agronomy and physiology-based solutions for a Mediterranean challenge

05/07/2019 Giovanni Giuliano (ENEA, Italy). Saffron crocin biosynthesis: a tale of four compartments

17/07/2019 José Estévez (Instituto Leloir, Argentina). Single plant cell size regulation mechanisms in Arabidopsis​

19/07/2019 José Manuel Sánchez Ruiz (U. de Granada). Biotechnological applications of resurrected ancestral proteins

26/07/2019 Efraim Lewinsohn (ARO–Volcani Center, Israel). Transcriptional upregulation of terpene metabolism in aphid-induced galls of Pistacia palaestina and in khat (Catha edulis), a psychoactive plant


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