Seminar Laura Botigué (Crag, Barcelona) 2nd Of July 12:30

Seminar Date and Time:July 2, 2021 12:30 am

Laura Botigué is a Ramón y Cajal Fellow and Group Leader of the “Genomics of ancient crops and domestication” at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG). Her group focuses on the use of population genetics theory to unravel the details behind plant domestication, dispersal and selection of early agronomic traits of interest. At the moment her group is working on wheat and pea, combining modern and archaeological data, when available. She also has a Plan Nacional grant to work on ancient dog population structure in Europe as a follow-up project of her Postdoc at NYU Stony Brook (US). Laura Botigué started her scientific career as a PhD student with a FPI Fellowship in David Comas Lab, at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. There, she investigated human population structure and migrations in North Africa, for which she received the Premi Extraordinari to the best doctoral thesis defended in 2012. She then moved at Stony Brook University in Brenna Henn’s lab, expanding her work on population genetics theory and on the analysis of human whole genome and exome data to investigate mutational load and novel variation for the H3Africa Consortium in a new datastet of sub-saharan African populations. During that period, she also collaborated with Krishna Veeramah and Keffrey Kidd on the analysis of two Neolithic dogs from Germany, delving into the genomic analysis of ancient specimens. Upon completion of her Postdoctoral stay, she decided to change her focus towards plants, and moved to Kew Gardens (UK) to improve her bioinformatic skills and acquire expertise on plant genomics. In 2018 she joined CRAG as a Junior Group Leader.…