Friday December 1st 12:30h. Conference Hall 3rd floor Dr. Eirini Kaiserli. School of Molecular Biosciences, University of Glasgow, UK

“To grow or to protect? Modulating plant growth and thermotolerance in Arabidopsis.”

Plants are highly plastic organisms and therefore provide an ideal system to study how environmental stimuli shape their morphology and growth. Light and temperature fluctuations are interconnected and act as informational signals to modulate critical developmental transitions and architecture during the life-cycle of flowering plants balancing growth and adaptation. Light and thermal sensing and signalling components localise in highly dynamic sub-nuclear hubs to control chromatin accessibility and changes in gene expression. The talk will focus on the role of TZP (TANDEM ZINC-FINGER PLUS3) as an integrator of light and high temperature signalling at the level of transcription. TZP interacts with the photoreceptor and thermosensor phytochrome B and controls hypocotyl elongation and flowering by modulating the expression of chromatin regulators and growth promoting factors. Recent unpublished data uncovering the novel role of TZP in thermomorphogenesis and thermotolerance will be presented.

Fang, W., Vellutini, E., Perrella, G. and Kaiserli, E. (2022) TANDEM ZINC-FINGER/PLUS3 regulates phytochrome B abundance and signaling to fine-tune hypocotyl growth. Plant Cell,

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