Seminar Vitantonio Pantaleo, Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, Italy. 11 March 12:30h

“Novelties in Dicer-like proteins as antiviral proteins in plants”

Viruses are highly specialized to infect a limited range of host plants, leading in extreme cases to the full invasion of the host and a diseased phenotype. Resistance to viruses can be mediated by mechanisms, including the RNA-silencing machinery and the innate immune system. Plant DCLs have specialized functions in producing short RNAs of 21- to 24-nucleotides (nt), including miRNAs and small-interfering (si)RNAs of endogenous or viral origin (vsiRNAs). DCL1-derived miRNAs modulate the expression of antiviral DCLs upon perception of viral infections. In turn, antiviral DCL- derived vsiRNAs program antiviral effectors and confer antiviral immunity. RNA-based regulation has emerged as a critical layer of control in plant immunity; the lecture will present an overview of RNA-based regulatory mechanisms with a careful attention on what known and unknown about the roles and functions of plant DCLs .


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