Seminar Juan Carlos Montesinos (Eth Zürich, Switzerland) 18th Of June 12:30

Seminar Date and Time:July 18, 2021 12:30 am

Juan Carlos Montesinos began his scientific career as cell biologist at the University of Valencia (Spain) in the group of Dr. Fernando Aniento and Dr. Maria Jesús Marcote, where he completed his PhD in Biotechnology in 2014. After that, he started as postdoc in Dr. Eva Benkova group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (Austria) in 2015. During this time, he received an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship and was the principal investigator of an interdisciplinary project to investigate the hormonal regulation of the root growth. This demonstrated that the cytokinin hormone performs its action through a specific regulation of the cortical microtubule dynamics. As a result of this project, he proved that cytokinin modulates the microtubules dynamics also in animal cells, suggesting that this mechanism might be evolutionary conserved among different kingdoms. Since 2020 he has been working in the group of Clara Sánchez-Rodríguez at ETH Zürich (Switzerland) where he is determining new cellular pathways and molecular components involved during biotic stress (fungi infection) response in plant root cells.

In this talk titled “Microtubule dynamics: key modulator of plant development and cellular stress response”, Juan Carlos will explain how the cytokinin hormone regulates the microtubule dynamics during the Arabidopsis root development and which components participate. Moreover, he will discuss how this process can be conserved in eukaryotic cells and how microtubules could be essential for sensing and responding to different environmental stresses.…