Assembly of plant virus agroinfectious clones using biological material or DNA synthesis.
Expression of an extremophilic xylanase in Nicotiana benthamiana and its use for the production of prebiotic xylooligosaccharides.
A fast method to evaluate in a combinatorial manner the synergistic effect of different biostimulants for promoting growth or tolerance against abiotic stress.
Genome-Wide Identification of the PYL Gene Family in Chenopodium quinoa: From Genes to Protein 3D Structure Analysis
A circular RNA vector for targeted plant gene silencing based on an asymptomatic viroid.
Impact of the Potential m6A Modification Sites at the 3’UTR of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus RNA3 in the Viral Infection.
Dual regulation of SnRK2 signaling by Raf-like MAPKKKs.
A Viral Suppressor of RNA Silencing May Be Targeting a Plant Defence Pathway Involving Fibrillarin
Environmentally driven transcriptomic and metabolic changes leading to color differences in “Golden Reinders” apples.
Diagnostics of Infections Produced by the Plant Viruses TMV, TEV, and PVX with CRISPR-Cas12 and CRISPR-Cas13.
ABA represses TOR and root meristem activity through nuclear exit of the SnRK1 kinase
Recent Acquisition of Functional m6A RNA Demethylase Domain in Orchid Ty3/Gypsy Elements.