The functional analysis of distinct tospovirus movement proteins (NS(M)) reveals different capabilities in tubule formation, cell-to-cell and systemic virus movement among the tospovirus species
Stress-Activated Degradation of Sphingolipids Regulates Mitochondrial Function and Cell Death in Yeast
Pro- and Antioxidant Functions of the Peroxisome-Mitochondria Connection and Its Impact on Aging and Disease
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Plant ARGONAUTEs: Features, Functions, and Unknowns
Interactions between FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER4 and floral homeotic genes in regulating rice flower development
Identification, introgression, and validation of fruit volatile QTLs from a red-fruited wild tomato species
α2-COP is involved in early secretory traffic in Arabidopsis and is required for plant growth
Erratum to: Complete sequence of three different biotypes of tomato spotted wilt virus (wild type, tomato Sw-5 resistance-breaking and pepper Tsw resistance-breaking) from Spain
Dicer-Like 4 Is Involved in Restricting the Systemic Movement of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamiana
Pre-mRNA splicing repression triggers abiotic stress signaling in plants
Insights into the Role of the Berry-Specific Ethylene Responsive Factor VviERF045