José María

Bellés Albert

Teléfono: +34 963 877 880
Investigador en Plantilla
Profesor Titular UPV
ResearcherID: H-4734-2015

Publicaciones destacadas


López-Gresa MP, Lisón P, Yenush L, Conejero V, Rodrigo I and Bellés JM (2016) Salicylic acid is involved in the basal resistance of tomato plants to Citrus exocortis viroid and Tomato spotted wilt virus. PLOS ONE 11:11 e0166938

Hinarejos E, Castellano M, Rodrigo I, Bellés JM, Conejero V, López-Gresa MP, Lisón P (2016)  Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03 as a potential biological control agent. European Journal of Plant Pathology 146: 597-608

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Martínez-Pérez M, Aparicio F, López-Gresa MP, Bellés JM, Sánchez-Navarro JA, Pallás V (2017) Arabidopsis m6A demethylase activity modulates viral infection of a plant virus and the m6A abundance in its genomic RNAs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114: 10755-10760

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