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MAIN PUBLICATIONS (*, corresponding author)

Pasin F*, Uranga M, Charudattan R, Kwon C-T. (2024) Engineering good viruses to improve crop performance. Nat Rev Bioeng. doi:10.1038/s44222-024-00197-y
>>>Featured by El Confidencial: ‘Vacunar’ plantas: la revolucionaria idea de científicos españoles para crear supercultivos

Pasin F*, Uranga M, Charudattan R, Kwon C-T. (2024) Deploying deep Solanaceae domestication and virus biotechnology knowledge to enhance food system performance and diversity. Hortic Res. (in press)

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PATENTS (*, main inventor)

Pasin F*, et al. Binary vectors and uses of same. Pat. no. US 11,999,959 B2. Status: Granted on June 4, 2024

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